Improve The Value of Your Home with Landscaping in Los Angeles

For people designing a new house or looking for ideas to add value to their existing place, landscaping is definitely a great idea to adopt. It is one of the very few home improvement options which does not only add value right away but also keeps increasing in value as years keep passing by.

Mechanical systems may wear down, and interior trends may change, but landscaping is full of plants and that only keeps growing more and more robust as time passes by.

Especially for a city like Los Angeles, where nature is on the roads and yet it is a concrete hub when it comes to residences, hardscaping and landscaping can prove to be really beneficial for adding value to your property.

Landscaping increases home value: an estimate

In Los Angeles, a well-landscaped property has quite a price advantage over a house which has no landscaping. You can take an estimate of nearly 5.5% to 12.7%, and this is highly depending on what type of landscaping you have adopted. You would also need to consider the original value of your house while putting an estimate here.

So, for instance, a house which initially costs around 3,00,000 USD will get extra value of anything ranging between 16,500 USD to 38,100 USD.

Variety matters for value addition

While there are a lot of landscaping ideas to consider, the main ones still revolve around sticking flowers and shrubs. Even so, first impressions count and hence, a manicured design is what appeals the most to the eyes. To add more value, people pay special attention to the size and maturity as well as the diversity of the plan life included.

To that effect, here are some landscaping and hardscaping ideas which can add to the value of your house:

1) Increase your curb appeal

Including a front stone paving entrance with a proper patio or even a seat wall adds quite a bit of major curb appeal to your property. When you add varying hardscapes, colors and textures-the routine maintenance and the overall view can become even more appealing.

2) Make all the unusable space usable

The most significant advantage of having ample outdoor space is that you have a lot of space to experiment. For instance, you can recognize the empty and vacant fire pit areas and make this space usable by adding hardwood columns and plants here.

3) Add outdoor lighting

One of the oldest and most natural tricks in the book is to add outdoor lighting to your landscape. See, trees and plants add quite the appeal during the day. However, it would help if you had an equal appeal for the night and evening too.

This can easily be attained by adding outdoor lighting to your surroundings.

4) Do not underestimate the power of fencing

Fencing fits the bill for both-modern and traditional home decor ideas. You can pick a pure white fence or go for something wooden in nature to add value to your landscaping design.

With all of the ideas mentioned above, you are sure to add a lot of value to your Los Angeles dream home. Contact Xenoscapers by calling (310) 564-6057 or emailing to learn how landscaping can improve the value of your home.

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