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Xenoscapers is a full service bathroom remodel contractor in Los Angeles, CA. We service the greater Los Angeles and Southern California area. We are a residential bathroom remodeling contractor that specializes in custom bathroom remolding projects. As a full service contractor we can cater to your projects every need. From design to construction we handle all the intricate details to create your dream bathroom. Let us help you achieve the design you have always desired.


Bathroom Plumbing Remodels

Let’s discuss your bathroom plumbing remodel needs today!

We are bathroom plumbing remodel experts. At Xenoscapers, we can service all your bathroom plumbing needs. From new fixtures to re-routing pipes, we can do it all. We can work with your existing plans or custom design plans from scratch. Perhaps there is something you have seen in magazine or online? There is no bathroom plumbing remodel we can not do. Our team is ready to build you the bathroom of your dream. We can install plumbing support for any custom tub, shower, spigots, toilets, bidets, showers, and more! Give is us a call today for a free estimate!

Bathroom Electrical Remodels

Let our team of experts handle your bathroom electrical remodel!

When it comes to bathroom electrical remodels, our electricians can get the job done to your satisfaction. As a bathroom electrical remodel contractor serving the greater Los Angeles area, we have seen it all. Our experienced electricians are bathroom remodeling & lighting experts. Our experience includes complete bathroom rewiring, outlets, USB charging, TVs, fans, heat lamps, exhaust fans, LED lighting, traditional lighting, and so much more! All you have to do is let us know your requirements. If you are undecided or looking for new bathroom electrical ideas, our team of experts can make suggestions. Let’s schedule a time to come out and discuss your bathroom remodel in detail.



Bathroom Cabinets

We are the bathroom cabinent remodeling experts!

Our bathroom cabinet remodel customers provide us with ideas that we bring to life! This is where the fun starts. Your bathroom remodel project manager will meet with you and help you pick the perfect bathroom cabinet style for your space. We can replace the old ones or design something from scratch. When it comes to materials, we can give you our best recommendations. We have no limitations when it comes to installing your ideal bathroom cabinet style.

Bathroom Vanity Countertops

Looking for new bathroom vanity countertops?

We offer many different types of bathroom countertop options such as: granite, marble, quartzite, laminate, tile, wood, and more. Bathroom vanity countertops are considered the main focal point of your bathroom. The style you choose depends on your aesthetic, budget, and taste. Upgrading your bathroom countertops also adds resale value to your home. At Xenoscapers, we help you choose the perfect vanity countertops for your needs. Give us a call today and schedule an appointment. We offer free estimates, but most importantly, we can introduce you to all of the options available.



Bathroom Backsplashes

Add a bathroom backsplash to your bathroom remodeling plans!

Bathroom vanity backsplashes and full bathroom backsplashes will really bring your bathroom to remodel to life. In addition to shielding your walls from water then add a unique, one-of-a-kind style element. We are experts in installing the following types of backsplashes: Top Level Wainscot, Victorian Inspired, Matchstick Tile, Painted Shiplap, Faux Windows, Arabesque Tile, Wallpaper, Tile Border, Marble Ledge, Wood Shelf, Vibrant Wainscot, Polished Marble, Brick Alcove, Natural Stone, Plate Mirror, Board & Batten, Quartzite Combo, Marble Niche, Wood Accent, Fixed Window, Frame Tile, Shell Motif, Woodwork, Frosted Glass, Ledger Stone, Wood Panels, or just about anything you can imagine!

Bathroom Paint Options

We can help you select the perfect bathroom paint color scheme!

Selecting the perfect color scheme for your bathroom is essential to making your bathroom stand out. Many of our customers usually have a paint combination in mind when they consult us. Some bring us pictures that they find online. No matter what color options you have in mind, we can help you determine how they will look prior to painting. If you do not have a bathroom paint color or combination of colors in mind, no problem! We can also help you select the perfect color or color combination. All you have to do is contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.



Bathroom Flooring Options

Need help selecting the right bathroom flooring for your remodel?

As a full service bathroom remodeling contractor, we know flooring. Our remodeling experts can help you find the exact flooring for your budget. In addition to traditional flooring options, we can also install waterproof flooring and heated floors. We offer many different types of flooring options too. We are bathroom flooring installation experts. We are experienced in installing the following types of flooring in bathrooms: vinyl, porcelain, ceramic tile, laminate, hardwood, carpet, rigid core engineered wood and more. If you are interested in our 100% waterproof flooring options, give us a call today!

Bathroom Shower Options

We build pre-fabricated, custom, and combo steam showers!

Are you looking to build a custom shower? We can design anything from regular standard prefabricated showers to full custom showers. Some shower options include: Manual Mixer Shower, Thermostatic Mixer Shower, Electric Shower, Rectangular Enclosures, Curved Enclosures, Neo-Angle Showers, Corner Enclosures, Tub/Shower Combo, Custom Tile, Granite Shower Walls, Marble Shower Walls, Stone Walls, and more! We also offer many different shower door options such as sliding doors, Pivot Doors, Hinged Doors, and Custom Made Doors. Choosing the right shower head is also essential and we can offer single showerheads, multi-setting showerheads, shower towers, rain showerheads, body showerheads, waterfalls, handheld, and more! We also do things like builds like shower seats, shelves, steam generators, LED lighted showers, etc…



Bathroom Tubs

We offer prefabricated, built-in, and drop-in bathroom tubs!

Nothing makes a bathroom stand out more than a custom tub! Yes, we can install standard prefabricated tubs too. We have installed many different types of tubs like a simple alcove, luxury alcove, freestanding, claw-foot, modern solid base freestanding, Round freestanding, freestanding alcove, built-in, drop-in, step up drop0-in, corner built-in, rectangular, square, undermount, Japanese style, walk-in, and hot tubs. If you have an idea of what you would like, please contact us.

Bathroom Vanity & Sink

We offer many different bathroom vanity options!

Let us help you choose the perfect bathroom vanity for your bathroom. The possibilities are virtually limitless. Your bathroom vanity selection is dependent on the type of sink you choose. We think you should consider the type of sink or sinks you would like when considering your bathroom vanity selection. There are many different types of sink options such as: Wall-Mounted, Pedestal, Vessel-Sink Vanity, Framed, Drop-In, Under-Mount, Cabinet-Style, etc. You also have many different material options such as: plastic laminate, ceramic tile, solid surface, synthetic stone, natural stone, synthetic stone, granite, quartz and more. If you need help choosing or if you would like a free bathroom to remodel estimate then please contact us.

Vanity & SINK


Bathroom Lighting

Let us help you achieve the perfect bathroom lighting!

There are many bathroom lighting options available on the market today. Every bathroom’s lighting requirements are different. We can add natural Skylights, Windows, LED lighting, Color Changing LED Lighting, LED lighting Fixtures, Traditional Lighting Fixtures, Recessed Lighting, Exposed Vanity Bulbs, Custom Fixtures, Heat Lamps and more! Our lighting experts can help consult you on all the available lighting options. We also encourage our customers to provide us with any ideas they might have. When it comes to bathroom lighting, our electricians can do just about anything you desire to keep your bathroom lit with adequate lighting.

Steam Rooms

Steam Rooms are the perfect compliment to any bathroom!

Are you considering adding a custom steam room to your bathroom? If so, you have come to the right place. We have built many different customer steam rooms from large to small. The key to adding a steam room is the space you have available. It starts by understanding the available space and providing you with the ideal steam room options. We can also add shower and steam combinations to your custom bathroom remodel plans. Let’s schedule a time to discuss your needs, available space, and budget. Contact us today!

Steam Rooms



Custom saunas are our specialty!

When it comes to installing a sauna we can install prefabricated or create a custom design to suit your needs. We can design and install stone and coal heaters, gas, electric, and infrared saunas. Gas and electric saunas are the most common types of heating used in saunas. Stone and coal heating is considered the traditional Finnish way. Infrared heated saunas are the most expensive option and heat your body, as opposed to the whole room. We recommend using wood as the building material because it does not retain heat like tile, allowing better relaxation. Cedar is considered the “go-to” wood of choice in many builds, but we also recommend hemlock, pine, or eucalyptus. Some of our clients choose to incorporate salt stone into the walls to promote respiratory health.