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With nearly 20 years of experience designing, building, and maintaining landscaping projects in LA & Southern California, Xenoscapers offers comprehensive, high quality, services with prompt turnaround and our focus always being on our clients and their needs.
As one of the expert xeriscaping firms in the area, we understand the unique climate and external factors of LA weather and issues with water conservation. We are experienced in crafting systemic, manageable landscaping while using state of the art horticulture, gardening, and construction processes and materials.


Xenoscapers Landscaping Services

Landscaping is not something new but has been practiced for quite a long time. Earlier also, people were utilizing the land for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Today landscaping alludes to the planning, laying out and development of gardens that upgrade the appearance and make usable space for open-air activities around a living place.
Xenoscapers can meet any needs you may have for your landscaping. From design to development, maintenance and enhancements, our depth of experience makes us a seamless partner for the entire life-cycle of your landscape. Some of our common landscaping services include:


Xenoscapers can design beautiful gardens that compliment other exterior elements and hardscapes of your home or business.

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If a full design is unnecessary or handled by someone else- we can act as a contractor installing all of the necessary flowers, hedges, trees, plants, etc.

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If you are happy with your current garden look and layout, but don’t want to be bothered by the ongoing maintenance that is needed in the Los Angeles area, then contact us! We have all of the tools and experience to handle garden maintenance needs for all size gardens in both residential and commercial settings.

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One of the things that make Xenoscapers unique in Los Angeles County is that we can design landscape projects small and large. We have a full team of on staff designers who can custom design technical drawings that take into account all spacing, landscape and hardscape elements, budgetary constraints and external factors that give you piece of mind that you are working with the best landscape designers LA has to offer.

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If you have been thinking about having landscaping done on your home or business, you may have heard the term, landscape construction. While Xenoscapers serves clients as a landscape design firm, we also act as a landscape construction firm which means we have the skills and licenses required to actually handle interpreting the designs and/or needs of the customer to handle all of the manual labor required to bring the designs to reality.

This means we have the skills to carry out the horticulture work, hardscape construction, concrete work, construct irrigation and drainage systems, pave and repair driveways; as well as install annuals, perennials, shrubs, grass, trees, and soil.

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For those who need to have someone maintain their whole lawn including trimming bushes, weed removal, pest control, cutting the grass, and more—Xenoscapers is the answer. We will maintain a beautiful green lawn with the utmost of care and attention with the best technologies and tools available.

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An improper slope of your lawn can have significant long-term problems to the foundation of your home. In addition, other problems can arise such as cracks in sidewalks/driveways, grass that’s difficult to maintain, and more.

Hiring an expert re-sloping or regrading company near LA can save you a lot of aggravation and money and improve the overall quality of your home or business.

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Managing tree trimming in Los Angeles requires attention to detail and a required experience and machinery. Xenoscapers has years of experience maintaining trees of all types and sizes to keep the aesthetics to par, and prevent future issues.


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What is our Process?

We pride ourselves on bringing our client’s dreams and visions to realities. This would not be possible without having a process in place for successful landscaping in LA projects.


The moment you contact Xenoscapers about your landscaping needs, we will get in touch with you and meet in person to review your needs and the internal infrastructure to make it happen, then provide you a customized quote and timeline.


If necessary, our experienced and technical design team will work with you to design and put on paper the various landscape elements and where they will go.

This is often an important step as it’s one thing to come up with a landscaping concept, but putting the ideas on paper forces you to strategically plan everything in more detail.



This step looks at what tools and labor force is needed, testing irrigation systems, grading (ensuring proper drainage), measuring, final approvals, and more.



This is where the fruits of all the labor begin to be realized. After all of the planning and preparation is done—the construction and implementation of the project begins.  If any hardscaping (fencing, patios, walkways, retaining walls, etc.) are apart of the project, generally they are installed first.

Then we follow the plan of all of the various landscaping elements and place accordingly—always adhering to best standards and practices for the installation and planting and early maintenance afterwards.


On-going maintenance is of critical importance to any landscaping project. Depending on the ability or the needs of the client, they can handle the maintenance of the landscape, but if it’s too cumbersome, Xenoscapers has a full team of experienced landscape maintenance technicians to properly ensure the plants and flowers, and hardscape last as long and possible and flourish beautifully and avoiding issues that can ruin all the hard work and planning.


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Proud Of Our Reviews 

"We recently moved and have been doing renovations on the house. We were in dire need of a landscaping company. Our neighbor referred us to Xenoscapers. We called them and got a quote for the landscaping design we were looking for. They were nice enough to send someone out to check out the front yard. He was very professional and helpful. He gave us different ideas and made us feel like we could trust them. We hired them! I can't begin to explain how amazing they were. They are experienced, professional and friendly. They were on time and hard-workers. Our front yard looks great. We couldn't be happier. Thank you guys!"

We would love the opportunity to begin the process of eradicating your landscaping issues or designing and/or building your landscaping project at any point whether its design-build, constructing, or maintaining after the fact.
Contact us today to discuss your needs and to receive an estimate and consultation.

Call Xenoscapers at (310) 564-6057 or email us at to take the next step!


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