Sloped Landscape Installation and Design Los Angeles

Hillside landscaping is the most challenging of all residential design problems. Whether it is a natural undisturbed slope or one composed of cut-and-fill, there are five essentials that every homeowner should be aware of. Not all designers will be skilled in this special situation, so you must know your options before decisions are made that can not only be extraordinarily expensive to implement, they can have far reaching impact on the stability of your entire homesite. More hillside homes have been lost to wildfires than those on level ground. This is because fire moves on land like water – only in reverse. When vegetation down slope from the home begins to burn, rising heat causes the house to catch fire prematurely. Therefore what you do to the slope down hill from your house or your neighbor’s may dictate whether it survives a fire. No job is too big to scale for Xenoscapers and our professional team can tackle it all. Contact us today for a FREE ESTIMATE.